TVT network security striding forward a new journey



On April, 3rd (Beijing time), TVT was granted with the certificate of LoT product privacy protection issued by TUV. This means TVT’s IP video monitoring products are designed and developed in accordance with the requirement of GDPR and reach the leading level of the world in information security and privacy protection. TVT’s network security has already stridden a new journey.


Yang Jiajie, TUV vice president of electronic and electrical product service, in China, Luoli, TUV vice president of information security and technology, in China, Qiu Hongwei, overseas sales director of TVT and Cheng Shiguang, product director of TVT together witnessed the issue of this certificate.


In the present time of information explosion, information leakage not only threatens personal and property security but also brings losses and credit crisis for enterprises and organizations. General Data Protection Regulation is a new regulation, which stipulates the enterprises how to collect, use and process the personal data of EU citizens and how to cope with the risks of information security, creating a normative and secure information management system to effectively evade risks.


Product Security

As a world-leading enterprise in video security solution, TVT continues to place much emphasis on network security and builds a systematic protection mechanism from organization, procedure, technology to emergency response.  In the Internet era, in order to meet the challenge and threat of network security, TVT has already set up a tridimensional security system from product requirements to product delivery and taken all-round and in-depth security measures in all aspects, such as product security management, security system design, network security management, data security management, product penetration test, emergency response to product security. Meanwhile, TVT further establishes a sound security system on software R&D through the norm of development process and the construction of software engineering. By the continuous tracking and research of industrial standards, TVT has already built an industrial-standard threat database to deal with the emergency security issues. As intelligent security operation system and smart intelligence system have been set step by step and the cloud storage is about to build, TVT is gradually building the global security perception system.



Personal Privacy Security

TVT attaches great importance to the validity, security and normative process of personal data. With the legal, fair and transparent personal data process, combined with the requirement of user privacy security, TVT builds the personal data design standard of its products, creates test case libraries and actively cooperates with the third party. All of these provide complete data protection measures for the customers.


Abiding by the European Union’s regulations of information security faithfully all the time, TVT effectively cope with the risk of information security and build a normative and secure management system. Under the professional guidance of TUV, TVT will further improve the capability of data supervision. The approval of authentication is a milestone in the global business expansion of TVT and indicates that the capability of TVT’s data supervision reaches a whole new level.



TUV (in China)

As an international famous and independent third-party test and authentication institution, TUV Group has over 145 years’ experiences and its branches are located all over the world.TUV is famous for its strict and high-quality test and authentication services and provides various professional evaluations in a fair and independent way. 







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этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...

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